The web page generated by SpreadsheetConverter is a standard web form. You can easily adapt it to any form-processing solution you already have.

Handling web forms is standard web programming. Tailoring your own solution for forms processing makes it possible to integrate web forms into your normal IT infrastructure.

SpreadsheetConverter generates standard web forms conforming to the HTML standards. There are several common ready-made solutions for processing HTML forms, e.g. FormMail. Ask your web host or webmaster about locally available forms processing scripts.

You can also write your own forms processing script in CGI, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl or whatever web programming language you prefer. You can store the contents of web forms created by SpreadsheetConverter into a database, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server or mySQL, or you can feed them directly into server applications for automatic processing. You will find lots of examples on the web and in books on web programming.