The index-quick.htm file

When you use the Advanced Submit Service, the web form has to include a template for the e-mail to look exactly like the form. If our forms processing server already has saved this e-mail template, you can use the index-quick.htm version of the form which usually is much smaller.

One of the benefits of our fee-based Advanced submit server is that the e-mail you get for each submitted form looks almost exactly like the form. This makes it much easier to read and process the information in the form.

The full version of each web form contains the complete layout for this formatted e-mail. This includes images, widget data and various layout settings from Excel and the theme. Together, all this information can make the web form very large. This increases the time it takes to download the form.

If your users need to submit forms while offline, the size of the full web form can also exceed the technical limitations for the Offline Forms feature.

Our forms processing server always saves the e-mail template, however, so the full web form really only needs to be submitted once to our server every time you change something in the form. During conversion of a web form we generate the web page in several formats, including one called index-quick.htm.


Once you’ve submitted the full web form at least once for each update to the form, the template will already be saved in the forms processing server and you can use the the neater “quick” version for all subsequent submissions of the form.


Follow the steps below to use the index-quick.htm version of a form:

  • Finish creating or updating the spreadsheet that you use to create the web form.
  • Convert the spreadsheet to a web page with SpreadsheetConverter.
  • Publish the full version of the updated web form on the web.
  • After the first forms submission, replace the web form with the contents of the index-quick.htm file.
  • Verify that the e-mails from the Advanced submit server still have the same layout as the web form.