Node.js Secure Login

Protect any sensitive web calculator or online form behind a login screen. Administrators can add or remove users on the web.

Secure Login is a new feature which lets you control who can access your Node.js calculator. This is additional layer of protection for your calculator. The first screen anyone sees is the Login page. Your actual calculator page is hidden and cannot be accessed without logging in. Only registered users with a valid password can use your calculator.

Activating Secure Login is very simple. You just check the Enable Secure Login Page checkbox in SpreadsheerConverter, Task Pane > Workbook tab > Web Page Options, then convert. It is that easy!

Screenshot of the Secure Login setting on the Workbook tab

As the administrator, you can add new users and remove existing users directly from the login page. You don’t need to re-convert the calculator to update the user definitions. The Login screen is same for both the Administrator and the users. Users cannot self-register. Registering a new user is simple. Either a user name or an e-mail address and a password is needed. If users forget their passwords, they can ask the administrator to reset their password.

The administrator can customize the Login page from inside Excel before conversion. All default texts can be edited or translated and it is also possible to add additional information.

Screenshot of the Secure Login screen translated to Swedish

The users’ login credentials are stored in a database. Passwords are go through a one-way conversion (“hashing”) that makes it impossible to directly extract working passwords from the database.

If the calculator needs to be moved to a different server, you just copy the whole calculator folder as usual. The user database is also located in this folder and therefore all existing users will have access also to the new location.


  • Secure Login is only available for the Node.js flavor.
  • Secure Login requires a Professional Edition license.
  • A calculator converted with Secure Login cannot be shared with QuickNode Share.
  • If you register login credentials registered while using Instant Testing (i.e. with localhost:// in browser address bar), these user names won’t work when you copy the calculator to a public web server.