Interactive charts

With the new charting engine you can highlight one of the series by hovering your mouse above its label, or click on the label to hide the series.

The new interactive charts in version 9 allow your visitors to use the mouse to tailor the chart to their needs. They can focus on a certain data series or completely hide one or more data series.

Supported chart types

  • Bar and Stacked Bar charts
  • Column and Stacked Column charts
  • Line and Stacked Line charts
  • Area and Stacked Area charts
  • Radar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Doughnut charts
  • Scatter charts

Supported chart features

  • Chart Title
  • Legend
  • Axis Title
  • Secondary Axis
  • Grid Lines
  • Line Color
  • Line Style
  • Data labels
  • Font Formatting
  • Logarithmic series

How to interact with the charts

Screenshot of a simple chart with four series

The interactive charts allow you to highlight one of the series just by hovering your mouse above its label.

In the screenshot below, we just held the mouse pointer above the Revenue series’ label. As you can see, the other three series faded out to let you focus on the highlighted series.

Screenshot of a simple chart with four series, one highlighted

If you find some of the series distracting, just click once on the series labels and the series will be hidden. In the chart below, we simple clicked on the Industry average revenue and Industry Average Profit labels to hide them. Click on each label again to make the series visible.

Screenshot of a simple chart with four series, two hidden

If you want to try this for yourself, create a Combo chart in Excel. In Excel 2016, it is at the bottom of the All charts tab.

Screenshot of the Change Chart Type window in Excel 2016, with Combo charts selected

You can also download our example spreadsheet just to see how charts can look in converted web pages.

Test an example of interactive charts

Download the example spreadsheet


  • Interactive charts are only supported in the Professional edition of SpreadsheetConverter. Upgrade to the Professional edition to use lots of new chart types and the new interactive charting engine, more Excel functions and many other advanced features.