SpreadsheetConverter merges with ExcelWraps, an Excel-based knowledge engine with workflow support, to provide an even more efficient server solution for powerful web apps.

In 2002, development of SpreadsheetConverter started at a Swedish company called Framtidsforum. Ten years later, the British company MoreVision added a database, inter-spreadsheet communications features, and a report generator to create an Excel-based knowledge engine with workflow support called ExcelWraps. Together we now create a new, joint company called ExcelWraps Limited, based in Leeds in the United Kingdom. The new company inherits all the existing software and technology assets, expands the development team and grows the client services team.

New product structure, same price

The products SpreadsheetConverter and ExcelWraps will be merged into one unified client and two server products. Existing SpreadsheetConverter users will only notice the integration of ExcelWraps by the appearance of new, powerful features in the combined Excel add-in. There are no planned changes to the SpreadsheetConverter price model, license agreement or license fees.

We believe the current entry-level Advanced Submit Server offering fits our small and medium customers well. It is unaffected by the merger and continues to operate as before, with no planned price changes.

The much more advanced ExcelWraps server is available also to SpreadsheetConverter users and adds many features like database support, aggregation of spreadsheet data and advanced workflow support with user authentication and secure sign-off using individual signatures. ExcelWraps is optimized for complex workflows in large companies and has a monthly subscription fee that is based on the number of users.

In a vertical venture established in 2016, ExcelWraps also offers complete workflow skills and solutions to the British railway industry. Look at these as examples of the powerful applications ExcelWraps could create also for your business in areas like Enterprise Asset Management, Document Control and Audit.

For more information, please visit the ExcelWraps website.