Even the charts are live!

SpreadsheetConverter puts your Excel spreadsheets on the web by converting them to live web pages. Even the charts are live: change the cells on the web page and the live charts immediately change to reflect the new values.

The easiest way to create a live chart for your web page is to use Excel’s extensive charting functions. Then save your calculator and/or chart in web format with SpreadsheetConverter and publish it in your blog or website.

Many types of charts supported

Charts are supported in all flavors of SpreadsheetConverter except iPhone/Android. The Standard Edition supports pie, bar and column charts. The Professional Edition also supports line, area, scatter and radar charts. Learn more about the power of the Professional Edition.

Instant feedback!

Try this rolling dice demo and see for yourself how the charts are updated instantaneously.

Roll two dice

Click to roll a pair of dice

Try SpreadsheetConverter now!

SpreadsheetConverter is an add-on to Microsoft Excel that you download from our website and install on your Windows PC. Just press the Convert button and your spreadsheet is converted to a live web page. Upload the web page to your website and your spreadsheet is immediately available on the web.

Our basic product converts Excel spreadsheets to HTML with embedded JavaScript that can be used with any web server. The Flash version creates standalone Adobe/Macromedia Flash files for any web page. SpreadsheetConverter can also generate HTML5 web applications for iPhone and Android smartphones. For developers, there are special server products that generate program code for ASP.NET and classic ASP web servers.

If you’re interested in trying this on one of your own spreadsheets, just e-mail it to us and we’ll convert it for you for free. If you’re happy with the result you may want to download the program and try it for free for 30 days.

See more examples of what SpreadsheetConverter can do for you.

  • We have been using the software and it is an absolute pleasure to use. I have now subscribed to and paid for the Professional HTML version and it is working perfectly.

    Peter Strydom, 4sight, Durban, South Africa

Superior support

We guarantee top-notch support. Technically competent support engineers are here to answer your e-mails. They are all programmers and web developers. You should get answers by the next business day, often within the hour. Free e-mail support for six months is included with every purchase.

We first released SpreadsheetConverter in 2002, and have added more and more value to the product in many releases since then. Our update policy gives you free updates within the same major version, e.g. if you have a version 5 license you get all version 5.x updates for free.

If you buy a license, and we release a new version within six months, you get a complimentary upgrade to the new version free-of-charge.

  • You guys ROCK! I checked the formulas several time and didn't catch that! I'm very impressed with your talent and fast response and service. Thank you!


Low cost, no risk

We recommend that you start with the Standard edition of SpreadsheetConverter HTML to learn the basics. As you become confident in your ability to generate web pages from Excel, you can add more “flavors” – technical publishing environments – to your toolset.

For serious publishing business, the Professional Edition lets you create web pages for clients, supports all the most nerdy Excel functions and provides even more beautiful chart types.

Here is the complete price list:

License to generate HTML pages$127$247
License to generate iPhone/Android pages$167$327
License to generate Flash pages$187$357
License to generate Node.js pages$187$357
License to generate ASP.Net pages$187$357
Cost per page$0$0
Cost per server$0$0
Cost per visitor$0$0

Excel and SpreadsheetConverter are only used when you create the spreadsheet and convert it to web format. We charge a small one-time license fee for each computer on which you install the program to perform such conversions.

  • There are no additional fees per page or conversion.
  • There are no additional fees per web server, page view or visitor.
  • There are no additional fees for Excel or plug-ins. The web pages we create have everything in them and do not need or use Excel.

In fact, when spreadsheets are available online like this, many people no longer need their own Excel licenses, which can generate additional savings.


There is no risk, you’re safely protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send us an e-mail, and we will cancel your purchase and refund the money.

  • I recently purchased your software and would like to tell you that it is incredibly useful for me.

    Paul S. E., Ph.D, Consulting Economist

Let us convert a spreadsheet for you, right now!

If you would like to evaluate the product before purchase, you should consider our free demonstration service instead.

The best way for us to demonstrate the power and flexibility of SpreadsheetConverter is to take one of your own spreadsheets and convert it into a web page. We’ll be happy to do it for you, for free. Just e-mail us one of your own spreadsheets, right now, and we’ll send it back as a web page.

If you like the result, you can download the program and try it for yourself as the second step in your evaluation process. By then, you know that you’ll like what you get!

Download and try the program for free for 30 days

Download the trial version and try it for free for 30 days. At that point, you still enjoy a 30-day full no-questions-asked refund, so in total you can test the software for 60 days.

Technical requirements

SpreadsheetConverter normally doesn’t require anything that you or your users don’t have. It works with Excel 2000 or later, running in Windows 2000 or later.

For an overview of the various flavors of SpreadsheetConverter and their technical requirements,please study the product comparison chart.

Build live website calculators and web forms now!

conversion imageconversion imageconversion image

Just download, install and test the Excel add-on now. Or let us convert a spreadsheet for you, for free.