SpreadsheetConverter is an add-on to Microsoft Excel that you download from our website and install on your Windows PC. Just press the Convert button to make a web page of your spreadsheet. Upload the web calculator and it is immediately live on the web; charts and all.

SpreadsheetConverter reads your Excel spreadsheets and builds web pages from them. To learn more about how we can help you change the world with spreadsheets, visit the SpreadsheetConverter overview.


SpreadsheetConverter in many flavors

Our basic product is called SpreadsheetConverter HTML. It generates standard cross-platform web pages in HTML with the Excel functionality provided by Javascript programs and HTML5 charts embedded in the web page. The resulting web pages can be hosted on any web server and runs in all modern web browsers in laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Responsive design allows your spreadsheet to dynamically reformat itself to perfectly fit any screen size.

Anyone can develop mobile calculator apps for smartphones with the iPhone/Android version. Collect data on the road, or keep your favorite spreadsheet in your jeans pocket.

For advanced users, we provide Professional editions of the program, that cater for the extra needs of professional web authors and developers – and quite a few power users as well.

Special server products can generate program code also for Node.js servers, typically to hide the spreadsheet formulas, or on ASP.NET and classic ASP web servers.

To buy a new license or add additional flavors to an existing license, visit the license shop.

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Forms-to-inbox services

If your spreadsheet is used as an online form that visitors can enter data into, you can add a Submit button to the form that sends each completed form to your inbox using our Free or Advanced Submit Service.

Learn more about how to get web forms directly to your Inbox.

Free submit service

The license for SpreadsheetConverter includes free processing of any web form created with the program. When someone completes the converted form and submits it for processing, it will be forwarded to your e-mail Inbox at no charge.

Learn more about the Free Submit Service.

Advanced submit service

The fee-based Advanced Submit Service allows you to store high volumes of submitted forms on our server until you download them all at once in the file format of your choice.

Learn more about the Advanced Submit Service.

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Just download, install and test the Excel add-on now. Or let us convert a spreadsheet for you, for free.