Convert Excel spreadsheets to live web calculators. Help your users buy the right volume of seeds for their garden, customize 200 city buses or select the perfect printer for a customer.

Create smart web forms with Excel. Design a calculating order form that is automatically sent to your order desk. Let airline crews enter data for ground systems also when they’re offline during the flight.

Compile any Excel spreadsheet into a powerful app. Help a building engineer complete a safety survey directly on-site. Calculate your server’s power and cooling figures on your iPhone while your customer gets her car.

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Version 8.2 Released!

Version 8.2 comes with Dynamic dropdown menus with all menu items taken from cells in the spreadsheet. Use the History list to quickly open any web calculator in any of your web browsers.

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Responsive Design

Deliver the best viewing experience on all device types with a single spreadsheet. Define responsive blocks to optimize your content for every screen size.

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New Node.js flavor

If you need to protect your Excel formulas, use the industry-standard, open source Node.js environment to hide your formulas on the web server.

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We have 14,563 happy customers - and counting...

  • This program was a great find for us. Eliminated plenty of money developing custom website as I do this all myself. Plus it has such great features and flexibility, customers love the interface.

    Anthony M, Nesconset, NY

  • I have been a long-time user of ExcelEverywhere and SpreadsheetConverter and have frequently had issues, made suggestions etc. All have been resolved satisfactorily. However, I have to say version 8 is absolutely brilliant and unlike in the past there is no "but ..."! With a bit of imagination there is virtually nothing that can't be delivered using it. Well done to all and thanks.

    Harvey Bell of

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Providing a smart calculator on your website makes people come back. Design your online calculator in Microsoft Excel, then convert it into a calculating and interactive web page that can be published on any website

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With SpreadsheetConverter, you can publish nearly all Excel spreadsheets on the web, retaining the live user experience and the immediate recalculation when cell contents are changed.

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Free download

Test the program with your own spreadsheets for up to 30 days at no charge. If you like it, buy a license key and convert your trial version to the full version.

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Home Equity calculator with live chart

This is one of our favorite examples because it shows to advantage of live charts. Change any cell in the spreadsheet and the chart immediately reflects the new values.

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An Australian airline builds electronic forms for the crew’s smartphones. Forms can be submitted even when the plane is airborne and their smartphones are offline.

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“If the spreadsheet is already online, why not let two or more people work together on it”, we thought, and created Real-time Sync for online spreadsheets.

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SpreadsheetConverter is built around solid industry standards like HTML 5 and JavaScript. This guarantees that it works smoothly in all browsers, on all devices.


A calculating web form for catering orders

This one started as a spreadsheet we created to calculate catering costs. After a while, we found that people were using old versions with old prices. With SpreadsheetConverter, we could convert our spreadsheet to a web page calculator that people could use directly on our internal web.

Build live website calculators and web forms now!

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Just download, install and test the Excel add-on now. Or let us convert a spreadsheet for you, for free.