The Advanced Submit Service saves incoming web forms in a hosted database. You can download saved forms whenever you like, and in several different file formats. 

When you use the Advanced Submit Service, all your web forms are sent to our forms processing server, which stores the submitted data in a database for later retrieval. Our server then sends the form to your Inbox, with the same layout it had when the user entered data into it.

Whenever you like, you can logon to our server to filter and sort the collected forms before you download them in Excel format for further processing.

The subscription fee is $15/month. 6 months of Advanced Submit Service is included when you buy a Professional Edition product. Contact sales for more information.



1. The charts present in the webpage will not be generated in the email through the advanced submit service.

2. The conditional formatting rules will mot be applied in the email generated through the advanced submit service.

Filter and download the submitted forms

The Advanced Submit Service allows you store submitted forms in a database for later retrieval. This is extra useful when the volume of submitted forms makes it impractical to handle each form separately.

When you want to process a batch of forms, you just download all the saved forms at the same time. You can filter the data online using an Excel-like user interface. When you download the data, you get a nice Excel file, one row per form, with headers and with AutoFilters enabled.


The Advanced Submit Service supports AutoFilter

We provide an online demonstration of how you can download forms into Excel using the Advanced Submit Service.

  1. To follow the demo you will need a user name and password, please remember to log in as user demo with password demo.
  2. When you have logged in to the demonstration site, select “Simple Course Evaluation”, and “All”. Then, click “Save as Excel”.
  3. Open the Advanced Submit Server demonstration site using the instructions above.

Receive formatted e-mails

The free service simply sends you an e-mail for every completed form, with the form fields and their values in a table. With the Advanced Submit Service, each e-mail contains a screenshot of the whole form, maintaining the original form layout from the web server. This makes it much easier to interpret the contents of the form.

If a user opens this form and presses Submit, you will get the following e-mail.

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