Most users find it very easy to download the SpreadsheetConverter add-on and install it in their Microsoft Excel environment. This page contains an overview of the rare problems that may appear, affecting only a minority of users.

Whatever problems you have with SpreadsheetConverter, we will help you solve. Just describe your problem to our Help Desk and they will guide you through the process.

If you would like to try solving the problem on your own, read on for instructions.


Download problems


Your browser may warn you that the type of file you are attempting to download may harm your computer. This is just a standard security notice that appears when downloading files of this type. Click OK to approve the download.

If your download doesn’t start correctly when you click on the download link, try the following:

  1. Move your mouse so that it points to the download link.
  2. Press the right-hand mouse button (right-click on the link).
  3. In the pop-up menu, select “Save Target As…”, “Save Link As…” or any similar menu choice.
  4. Select a suitable folder for the downloaded file. You may also change the name of the program file (but it’s probably simpler if you don’t).
  5. Click on the “Save” or “OK” button.
  6. The download should now start.


Some corporate networks have “firewalls” that prevent you from downloading software. This usually affects all downloads regardless of the source.You may have to retry the download from your home network.

Installation problems

Internet Security products

There are many “Internet Security” products for safe browsing, e.g

  • Symantec/Norton Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • Trend Micro Internet Security

Some of these products may sometimes issue a warning that they cannot guarantee that SpreadsheetConverter is a safe download. There are no known security vulnerabilities in SpreadsheetConverter, so you can safely approve the download.

All our files and computers are scanned for malware at all stages of production using the latest versions of industry-standard Internet security software which is updated automatically. All files available from our Download page are free of known malware.

However, software detection is usually based on known “signatures” of malicious files and cannot detect new and unknown malware which may be working its way around the Internet. In order to provide additional protection, most Internet security software uses advanced techniques to warn their users of unusual behavior. Such “deep-scan” or “heuristic” features are typically much less exact than traditional signature matching and can result in false alarms which may affect almost all legal, malware-free software. This is why you will often see strong recommendations to turn off Internet security programs during the installation of many software applications.

We sometimes get false positives for two specific programs, e2o2.exe and ViewManager.exe. When you use our Excel plugin we would prefer to run these programs close to Excel but unfortunately this may lead to memory leaks that are beyond our control. Therefore they are currently run as separate processes using the Windows Command Prompt. This is a short-term solution that solves a lot of problems but create a few others.

If your Internet Security software is flagging any other part of our software as malicious, we urge you to contact us immediately. But so far, all warnings that e2o2.exe or ViewManager.exe are behaving strangely or get a “suspected” status have been false alarms. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you and we are working on a long-term solution for this.

Microsoft Windows .NET 4.0 installed

SpreadsheetConverter needs Microsoft’s .Net 4.0.

The best way is to use Windows Update to get it:

If you want a minimum download, you can try this

Damaged file

If you get messages saying that the installer verification failed during installation, your installation file may be incomplete. Try downloading the file again.

Frequently asked questions about the installation

Startup problems

The SpreadsheetConverter menu or ribbon is not visible in Excel

SpreadsheetConverter is an add-in to Excel and should always appear on the Excel menu after installation.

Screenshot of the Excel menu with the SpreadsheetConverter choice

If you have installed SpreadsheetConverter, but this menu does not appear in Excel, we would like you to do the following before you contact our Help desk.

Ensure that the add-in is properly installed and enabled

In Excel, go to File > Options > Add-ins (the location may be different in your version of Excel) and look under Active Application Add-ins. This is what it should look like (notice the details that appear at the bottom of the windows when you click on the add-in in the list).

Screenshot of the Add-ins section of the Excel Options

If SpreadsheetConverter isn’t listed in this section like in the screenshot above, it will not work.

If you can’t find SpreadsheetConverter in the list at all, something may have gone wrong during the installation, In this case, follow the instructions under Completely removing the add-in below, then try to install it again.

If SpreadsheetConverter is in the list, but not in the Active Application Add-ins section, please select it in the list so that its details appear at the bottom of the screen, then take a screenshot. Also, take separate screenshots of your entire list of add-ins, just scroll through the entire list of add-ins from top to bottom.

Try to solve the problem on your own, e.g. by reinstalling or enabling the add-in. If you need help, never hesitate to contact our Help desk. Please enclose all relevant screenshots when you submit an error report.

The Installation Verification example isn’t working as expected

SpreadsheetConverter comes with a simple example spreadsheet that helps you verify that everything works as expected. If it didn’t open automatically, you can open it manually from the SpreadsheetConverter program folder, which by default is Users > [Name] > AppData > Roaming > SpreadsheetConverter > version > samples. You may have to check View > Hidden items to make the AppData folder visible.

SCreenshot of the installation verification spreadsheet

The example spreadsheet does the following:

  1. It verifies that SpreadsheetConverter add-in was installed correctly and is available in Excel.
  2. It runs a test conversion of the example spreadsheet to a web page.
  3. It opens the converted web page in your default web browser.

If any of these steps fail, please uninstall the program from Settings > Apps and install it again.

If you are still unable to open and convert the example spreadsheet, please contact our Help Desk.

Macro security

If you have problems using SpreadsheetConverter after installation, you may be using high macro security with Excel. In this case, use Excel’s Tools menu to navigate to Tools> Macro> Security and set the macro security to Medium. You may also have to explicitly “trust” all Excel macros from Framtidsforum.

Completely removing the add-in

Some problems may be caused by an incomplete installation or removal of SpreadsheetConverter. Here are the things you should do to ensure that the add-in is completely removed from your system. If you aren’t authorized or don’t feel qualified to perform one or more of these operations, please contact your local IT support organization.

  1. Ensure that Excel isn’t running. If it is, close all open Excel windows and if necessary also the Excel application itself.
  2. Uninstall all versions of SpreadsheetConverter. In some versions of Windows, you can do this in the Apps section of the Windows Settings. In some Windows versions you should open the Programs and Features control panel. Remember to uninstall all versions of SpreadsheetConverter in the list.
  3. Delete the entire SpreadsheetConverter program folder. If you haven’t selected a special location for it, it is located in C: > Users > [name] > AppData > Roaming. Locate the SpreadsheetConverter folder, select it and delete it permanently by holding down the Shift button while you press the Delete button on the keyboard.
  4. Download a troubleshooting tool from Microsoft at and follow the instructions to completely remove SpreadsheetConverter.

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