Congratulations to your first conversion!

Congratulations, you have now converted your first spreadsheet to a web page. If you’re in your free trial period, read on for more advice on how to make the best of it.

To get the best results you probably need to adapt your spreadsheet slightly to the web environment. Try to avoid scrolling, in particular sideways. Use the fonts and layouts that are typical of a web page. Several fields in the spreadsheet may need to be explicitly open for user input.

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Adapting your spreadsheet to the web environment

Before you convert a spreadsheet of your own, stop a second to consider its feasability for the web.

  • Is the layout web-friendly? Avoid wide layouts that may partly fall outside your visitor’s web browser window. Do you use web-safe fonts that all visitors can be expected to have installed? Are you using cell colors and borders in a way that makes the spreadsheet easier to use, also on the web?
  • Should you separate your spreadsheet into several separate worksheets? SpreadsheetConverter provides four different ways to navigate from one worksheet to the next.
  • What cells should be open for input? By default, SpreadsheetConverter locks most cells in your spreadsheet for user input. For electronic forms, you may want to unlock additional fields, e.g. name and address fields that aren’t used in any calculations. Read more about how you unlock input fields in an electronic form.

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