The task pane

The task pane is where you do much of your work with SpreadsheetConverter. It lets you add graphical widgets and set options for the converted web page.

Showing the task pane

To show/hide the task pane, click on the dotted symbol on the vertical separator.

Screenshot of the dotted symbol on the horizontal separator between the spreadsheet and the task pane

Shortcuts in version 10 and later

The task pane uses tabs for its different sections. In version 10 and later, you can go directly to one of these tabs using the shortcuts in the SpreadsheetConverter ribbon in Excel.

  • The Workbook shortcut opens the Workbook tab.
  • The Worksheets shortcut opens the Worksheets tab.
  • The Insert widget shortcut opens the Widget tab.
  • The Edit widget shortcut opens the Cell tab.Screenshots showing the direct links to the task pane in version 10
  • The Messages shortcut opens the Messages tab.Screnshot of the Messages section of the ribbon and the task pane

The task pane is pretty wide and can occupy a significant portion of the screen in Excel. When you don’t need it, you can close it by clicking on the X in its upper right-hand corner.

Show/hide task pane in version 9 and older

In older versions, the Task Pane section of the SpreadsheetConverter menu allows you to Show the task pane when you need it and Hide it when it’s no longer needed.

Screenshot of the Taskpane choice in the SpreadsheetConverter ribbon

The Widgets tab

If you click on the Widgets tab you get a list of the various graphical widgets you can insert into the spreadsheet.

The Cell tab

Click on the Cell tab to adjust the settings for the widget in the currently selected cell.

The Workbook tab

On the Workbook tab, you set most of the conversion options.

The Worksheets tab

On the Worksheets tab you mainly get to select the worksheets should be visible in the converted web page, and to hide worksheets that only contain long tables of internal lookup data.

Screenshot of the Worksheets tab with two worksheets automatically hidden

The Messages tab

After each conversion, any error messages are available on the Messages tab of the task pane. Shorter messages in the upper section link to more detail below.

This tab was called Errors before version 10.

Adjusting the task pane

To change the width of the task pane, hold the mouse over the vertical separator but below the five dots until it turns into a double arrow, then click and drag the vertical separator left/right to match your requirements.

Screenshot of how to adjust the width of the task pane using the vertical separator