The Worksheets tab

The Worksheets tab lets you select the worksheets to become visible in the conversion of a spreadsheet to a web page. 

The Worksheets tab of the SpreadsheetConverter task pane contains a list of all the worksheets in the workbook you are currently editing with Excel.

 Screenshot of the Worksheets tab with two worksheets automatically hidden

When there’s more than one worksheet in your workbook, we automatically hide all but the first during the conversion to a web page. This is because an overwhelming majority of the workbooks with two or more worksheets use only the first worksheets for display – the rest of the worksheets just provide background information for the “front page”.

If you want to make more than one worksheet visible in the converted web page, uncheck them in the list before you convert the spreadsheet. We offer various techniques to display multi-section forms and calculators, e.g. with tabs, as a wizard or with sliding panels. Read more about multi-section forms.