SpreadsheetConverter can convert Excel spreadsheets to web pages that operate in several different web server environments. This page allows you to compare the different flavors of SpreadsheetConverter, and pick the one most suitable for your own business needs and technical environment.

The table below allows you to study the result of a conversion of eight different Excel spreadsheets using SpreadsheetConverter to HTML, SpreadsheetConverter Java/JSP and SpreadsheetConverter ASP & ASP.NET. If you are unfamiliar with the various flavors of SpreadsheetConverter, learn how to select the right flavor of SpreadsheetConverter.

Using various configurations, we created a total of 48 different web pages. The first thing you will notice is that the web pages look the same regardless of the product we used for the conversion. The differences are beneath the surface.

Note: SpreadsheetConverter Java is being phased out, and the information on this page may not be current anymore. Version 4 can be downloaded from our release archive. If you want to build advanced web components from Excel spreadsheets, consider converting to iPhone/Android, HTML/JavaScript, Node.js or ASP.NET instead.

Click on “Click” to open up the converted web page. Click on “Source” to download the generated source code for the web page. Click on the title for each example to open the original spreadsheet.

Examples for comparison

Web server technologyAnyJSP-enabledAny IISIIS with DOTNET Framework
RecalculationAutomaticDo not forget to press Recalculate at the bottom to update valuesAutomaticAutomatic
Expense reportClickClickClickClick
NewsOrder formClickClickClickClick
Loan application formClickClickClickClick
Black-Scholes calculatorClickClickClickClick
Investment calculatorClickClickClickClick
Large table exampleClickClickClickClick

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