New Plugin Imports Excel Spreadsheets into WordPress

Now you can embed any Excel spreadsheet in WordPress with only a few clicks, thanks to the new plugin for WordPress that imports converted spreadsheets.

Jan 23, 2017 — SpreadsheetConverter is an add-on to Microsoft Excel that converts spreadsheets to live, calculating web pages. The new version 9.0 recently became available at

A new web publishing plug-in for WordPress makes it easy to upload a live spreadsheet or smart web form to a blog or website in WordPress. After the spreadsheet has been converted to web format, the plugin uploads it to the WordPress server. Editors can insert the calculator or form into any page or post using the visual editing features of WordPress. The calculator is live and automatically updates itself when you change anything – just like the spreadsheet.

“Imagine a blog about gardening. The devoted blogger has created this wonderful spreadsheet that shows how much seeds you need to buy. But how can this be made available to the followers? Right there, on the blog of course!”, says Anna Winter, sales manager for SpreadsheetConverter.

Excel is very common in business environments, but not so common in the home. Laptop sales peaked in 2011, partly because users invested more and more in cloud-based services using their mobile devices. But how do you publish and share a spreadsheet in the cloud?

“Cloud spreadsheets are more common than you think. We have helped over fifteen thousand customers convert thousands of spreadsheets for the web. With the new plugin, this new technology becomes available also to millions of WordPress blogs and websites all over the world”, says Winter.

The WordPress plugin is free but requires a Professional edition license of SpreadsheetConverter. Like all plugins it is installed in the customer’s own WordPress server by an Administrator. The calculator or web form is a standard web page supported by JavaScript and runs in all modern web browsers.

“All calculations are done in each user’s web browser so there is really no extra load on the WordPress server. Both calculators and forms can be used even when you’re offline”, says Winter.

SpreadsheetConverter is available for free trial at It creates web pages that are completely standalone, do not use Excel and run on all web servers. You only need Excel and the Spreadsheet Converter add-on for the actual conversion from spreadsheet to web page format. There is a one-time fee for the conversion program, with no extra fees per page, user or server. You may use the program and the web pages it creates for as long as you like. Full versions start at $127.


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