Automatically Switch Image Depending on User Input

With the Link Image widget, you can show different images on a web page depending on data from the user, or pick the right image link from a list.  

March 28, 2016 — SpreadsheetConverter is an add-on to Microsoft Excel that lets you convert spreadsheets to live web pages. The new version 8.3 recently became available at

When you paste images into the cells of an Excel spreadsheet, the same image is always shown, regardless of what’s going on in the spreadsheet. But what if you want to show an electrical plug in the right format for the designated market?

“The Link Image widget has quickly become one of my favorites. You just use menus or formulas to provide a complete link to the image you want to show and voilá! the right image appears on the web page”, says Anna Winter, sales manager for SpreadsheetConverter.

Now it’s easy to provide the right map to a visitor depending on the visitor’s choice of transportation. Just create one map for every choice and show the map that corresponds to each user’s choice.

“Let’s say you have a web shop where users can design custom-built sofas interactively, by picking the right model, fabric and colors. With the Link Image widget, you could immediately show an image of exactly the right configuration”, says Winter.

The Link Image widget can also let the user manually switch between various views of the same thing, e.g. between an overview and detail view of a circuit board, or between a map view and a satellite image. Any Excel feature can be used to select or dynamically build the link to the designated image.

SpreadsheetConverter is available for free trial at ttps:// It creates web pages that are completely standalone, do not use Excel and run on all web servers. You only need Excel and the Spreadsheet Converter add-on for the actual conversion from spreadsheet to web page format. There is a one-time fee for the conversion program, with no extra fees per page, user or server. You may use the program and the web pages it creates for as long as you like. Full versions start at $127.


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