Build Android Calculators and Data Entry Apps Directly from Excel Spreadsheets

Make an Android app of your Excel spreadsheet. Build handy mobile calculators and smart data-entry forms that you can sell. 

February 2, 2015 — SpreadsheetConverter is an add-on to Microsoft Excel that lets you convert spreadsheets to live web pages. The new version 7.8 recently became available at

Most people would consider it quite a challenge to build an app for Android devices. Now anything you can make with Excel can be easily converted for Android using the SpreadsheetConverter add-on for Excel. The resulting web page can then be turned into a fully-fledged app using a free online tool called AppsGeyser.

“Your app can use tabs for navigation, be location-aware and use pop-up notifications. After testing, you can distribute your app on the AppsGeyser app network, where the advertising space is shared 50/50 with you”, says Anna Winter, sales manager for SpreadsheetConverter.

Building an Android app with SpreadsheetConverter and AppsGeyser does not require any programming. You build the desired functionality solely with Excel and then convert the spreadsheet for the web. Once converted to a web page, the spreadsheet is compiled into an Android app by AppsGeyser without any extra charge.

“We have converted many spreadsheets to Android apps and they work exactly like each spreadsheet did in Excel. To change things like layout or functionality, we simply return to Excel, change the spreadsheet and convert it to an app again”, says Winter.

Apart from being a free app generator, AppsGeyser also has its own app distribution and monetization program. If your app is successful you can distribute it for free and make money from advertising. You can also provide a parallel ad-free version that you sell in Google Play.

SpreadsheetConverter is available for free trial at It creates web pages that are completely standalone, do not use Excel and run on all web servers. You only need Excel and the Spreadsheet Converter add-on for the actual conversion from spreadsheet to web page format. There is a one-time fee for the conversion program, with no extra fees per page, user or server. You may use the program and the web pages it creates for as long as you like. Full versions start at $127.


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