New Graphical Widgets For Calculating Web Forms In Microsoft Web Servers

Creating calculating web forms for Microsoft ASP.NET pages just became a lot easier. This new tool version adds many graphical web widgets that can make your smart web forms even smarter. 

June 8, 2011 — SpreadsheetConverter ASP.NET version 5 offers new graphical widgets like checkboxes, dropdown lists, radio buttons and calendars. This makes it easier to create attractive, calculating web forms for Microsoft web servers.

The SpreadsheetConverter ASP.NET plug-in for Microsoft Excel converts ordinary spreadsheets into smart web forms. All calculations are performed on Internet Information Server (IIS) by ready-made ASP.NET code that supports almost all Excel’s functions.

The new version 5 recently introduced a number of new features, including a large selection of graphical widgets to make smart web forms easier to use.

“I never know the correct way to enter a date on an international web site, but I can always pick the right date from a calendar. The new calendar widget is my personal favorite”, says Anna Winter, sales manager for SpreadsheetConverter.

With the new version, it’s easier to use a checkbox instead of a yes/no text field. To select one of two or more alternatives, there are dropdown menus, list boxes and radio buttons.

For numeric fields, a new slider widget provides data entry in real time. Every time you move the slider, the value in the cell changes and the spreadsheet is recalculated. Used together with a live chart, sliders make it much easier to find “sweet spots” like optimum price levels. For social networking, there is also a rating widget with three or more stars.

Adding interaction and functionality to a web form is much easier with the new Button widget. Buttons can be linked to any web address, e.g. a help page or a contact form. Special buttons are used in Accordion, Wizard and Panel designs to move between sections in a multi-part form.

Like its predecessor, SpreadsheetConverter version 5 also provides a Submit button to send a completed form for processing.

“The product comes with free, hosted forms processing. Submitted forms end up in a predefined e-mail Inbox. We also offer a fee-based, hosted service where forms are stored on our servers and retrieved on demand”, says Winter.

SpreadsheetConverter ASP.NET version 5 supports live charts and offers smoother screen updates via Ajax. Other SpreadsheetConverter products have published spreadsheets on the web since 2002, with formula calculation in web browsers (JavaScript, Flash), smartphones (iPhone, Android) or web servers (Java).

SpreadsheetConverter is available for free trial at It creates web pages that are completely standalone, do not use Excel and run on all web servers. You only need Excel and the Spreadsheet Converter add-on for the actual conversion from spreadsheet to web page format. There are no monthly, per-server or per-user fees, and you may use the program and the web pages it creates for as long as you like. Full versions start at $187.


Media contact: Anna Winter,