No More Publish to Dropbox

Dropbox has removed the ability to host calculators on the web from your Dropbox account. All existing calculators in Dropbox have disappeared from the web. The information on this web page is therefore partly inapplicable.

We have developed a similar click-to-publish solution for WordPress, where the calculator or form is hosted on the WordPress server. We also consider developing a more generic solution, similar to the Dropbox connection we had in the past.

Meanwhile, we suggest you try to upload your converted calculator to your own website or blog.

SpreadsheetConverter comes with built-in web publishing using Dropbox. This tutorial shows you how can publish your calculators or forms on the web directly after conversion with just a click of a button.

SpreadsheetConverter offers click-to-publish sharing with Dropbox, a cloud service for file sharing. Dropbox includes enough free storage to hold hundreds of live calculators and web forms. Once you’ve converted a spreadsheet to web format you can make it immediately available on the web using a Dropbox account as a web server.

If you want to follow the steps below, you need a Dropbox account. If you don’t already have one, or if you want to open a separate Dropbox account to share live calculators and smart web forms, follow this tutorial on how to open a Dropbox account.

Create the spreadsheet

For this tutorial, we will use a simple spreadsheet that can be used when purchasing stocks or other financial instruments on a stock market. Most securities are traded in round lots, standard units of trading (e.g. 100 shares) that are traded much cheaper than odd lots on the exchange.

What if a company’s shares cost $14.22 each, the round lot is 100 shares and you want to invest $70,000 – how many shares can you afford to buy if you only buy in round lots?

The formula we will use is

Shares = Trunc(Amount/(Round_lot*Price))*Round_lot

Using the numbers above, the formula will show you that buying 4,900 stocks for a total of $69,678 is the nearest you get to your planned investment of $70,000.

The spreadsheet is simple and easy to create.


Create the spreadsheet yourself or download the round lot calculator here.

Convert the spreadsheet to web format

Select the appropriate web page format and convert the round lot calculator for the web with SpreadsheetConverter. If you haven’t used SpreadsheetConverter before, you may want to consult the basic tutorials for assistance.

After conversion, the round lot calculator should automatically open in one or more browsers.

Connect SpreadsheetConverter to Dropbox

SpreadsheetConverter makes it easy to store the converted calculator in your Dropbox, thereby making it available also in other devices. Before we demonstrate this, we need to connect SpreadsheetConverter to your Dropbox account and approve it as an app.

In Excel, switch to the SpreadsheetConverter menu ribbon. Click Sharing > Share > Dropbox Share.


In the window that opens, click on the Authorize Dropbox button. (If you have already connected SpreadsheetConverter to Dropbox, continue directly to the next section to perform the upload.)


SpreadsheetConverter opens Dropbox in a web browser window, to request your authorization. If you’re not already logged in to Dropbox, do so now. After login, you should see the text below.

Click Allow to authorize the connection.

dropbox-approve-app (1)

SpreadsheetConverter is now authorized to store data directly into your Dropbox account. Return to Excel and SpreadsheetConverter. Locate the checkbox My Dropbox account is now connected with SpreadsheetConverter and check it.

SpreadsheetConverter connects to Dropbox to perform some initial handshaking. After a while, the Start Uploading button becomes enabled.

Upload the converted web page to Dropbox

Click on the Start Uploading button to upload the round lot calculator to Dropbox. Any previous version of the same file is automatically overwritten, so there is no risk for duplicates.

You may now be eager to navigate to the calculator in and click on it to see it in action, but unfortunately this won’t work. This is because Dropbox disables all kinds of scripts for security reasons.


However, Dropbox also kindly provides a public link that works well for normal web access. After the upload, SpreadsheetConverter provides you with this web-enabled link to the calculator. If you want to, you can click on the Copy to clipboard button now to copy the public link to your clipboard and save it somewhere else for future use. Later we’ll show you how the public link can be retrieved from

You can click directly on the public link to open the calculator in your default web browser, or copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the Address field of any web browser.

If you need to type the URL to the calculator manually into another device, you may prefer to have a shorter version of it. If you click on Get TinyURL, SpreadsheetConverter automatically generates a minimal public link that works just as well as the long one.


Integrate the calculator in Dropbox with your web or blog

You can link to the calculating web page from your existing web or blog simply by using the public link.

To give the calculator the full look-and-feel of an existing website or blog, or to add navigation tools like menus and sidebars, you may want to integrate it better with the existing site. To embed the calculator in one of your existing webpages, read this tutorial on how to use HTML iframes with SpreadsheetConverter.

Using an iframe also solves most issues that may arise when adding a calculator to a web site developed using a content management system like Drupal or Joomla.

Use the calculator with mobile devices

To access the calculator in your iPad or iPhone, or from an Android smartphone or tablet, just start a web browser on the device and enter the full or Tiny URL public link you retrieved above to bring up the calculator on your mobile device.

To save the calculator also for offline use, add it to your Home screen:

  • In Apple devices, press the Add icon:

dropbox-ios-add-button (1)

and select Add to Home screen.

  • In Android devices, save the URL as a bookmark in the web browser, then long press on the bookmark and select Add to Home screen.

You don’t need Dropbox on the mobile device to access the web calculator. In fact, even if it does have Dropbox installed, the only way to use the calculator is with the web link to

Recover the public link

If you try to open the web calculator directly in, you will get the following message: “Error: The web page generated by SpreadsheetConverter is not correctly installed on your web server.”. This is because prevents scripts from running in stored web pages.

After conversion, SpreadsheetConverter provides you with a web-enabled public link to the calculator in Dropbox. If you lose this link, follow the following steps to recover it:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Locate the Apps folder and open it.
    dropbox-apps-link (3)
  3. Navigate to the Apps > SpreadsheetConverter folder. It contains the spreadsheets you have uploaded, each in its own folder.dropbox-spreadsheetconverter-link (1)
  4. Open the folder that contains the calculator you need the public link for.dropbox-calculator-link (2)
  5. Locate the main .htm file.
  6. Right-click on the .htm file and select Copy public link.
    dropbox-object-menu-copy-public-link (1)
  7. Select Shorten link if you intend to type it in manually, then click Copy to cliboard. Paste the link into a web browser, an e-mail or a text document.dropbox-copy-public-link (1)

Change to a different Dropbox account

If you want SpreadsheetConverter to connect to a different Dropbox account, switch to the SpreadsheetConverter menu ribbon and click on Sharing > Share > Dropbox Share. Click on Change account to disconnect from the current Dropbox account and authorize SpreadsheetConverter for a different account.

Removing the connection between SpreadsheetConverter and Dropbox

If you want to disable SpreadsheetConverters link to Dropbox, just remove it as an app in Dropbox.

Log in to your Dropbox account and open the account menu by clicking on your user name in the upper right-hand corner of the Dropbox window. Click on Settings.

dropbox-settings-link (1)

In the Dropbox settings window, navigate to the My apps tab.

dropbox-settings-my-apps-tab (1)

In the list of Dropbox apps, click on the “drop connection” checkbox to the right of the SpreadsheetConverter app.


When Dropbox confirms that the link is disabled, SpreadsheetConverter cannot access your Dropbox account until you authorize it again, using the steps above.