Upload a spreadsheet to WordPress

These instructions will show you how to convert a spreadsheet to a live web calculator and upload it to WordPress.

The WordPress Plugin to Import Spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel makes it easy to upload converted calculators and web forms to WordPress and embed spreadsheets in any post or page.

Before you upload a spreadsheet to WordPress you convert it to web format with SpreadsheetConverter. Then you upload the result of the conversion to WordPress in the form of a ZIP file. This page contains the instructions on how to upload the converted file with the WordPress plugin.

Upload a converted spreadsheet

After a successful installation of the plugin, there will be an Upload SSC Calculator link in your WordPress menu. If you don’t see this link, please verify that you have installed the plugin correctly

Press Add New to upload a new calculator.

Enter a unique, descriptive name for this particular calculator in the Enter Calculator Name field.

Click on Choose ZIP and select the ZIP file that was created during the conversion of the spreadsheet to web format. By default, it is located in Documents > SpreadsheetConverter. If your calculator is called Invoice, there will be a folder called Invoice with your converted calculator. You cannot upload this uncompressed folder, only the compressed file in ZIP format. Scroll down past this folder to the Invoice.zip file, select it and press Open.

Press the Publish button and the ZIP file will be uploaded to WordPress.

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Now you’re ready to embed the calculator in your website.