Node.js Secure login

Secure Login is the new feature which lets you control who can access your calculator. This is additional layer of protection for your calculator. With Secure Login enabled calculator, the first screen anyone see is the Login page. Your actual calculator page is hidden and not accessible without logging in. Only registered users with valid password can view your calculator.

Currently, Secure Login is only available to Node.js Flavor and it requires Professional Edition to work.

Enabling Secure Login

Enabling Secure Login is very simple. Just Go to Spreadsheet Converter Task Pane > Workbook tab > scroll down to Webpage Options section and check the “Enable Secure Login Page” check box. Now, you just convert the spreadsheet.  You should see the Login Screen in the the converted webpage instead of the actual calculator.

Inline image 1

Initial Administrator

Just when conversion finishes, an always-top dialog box is also shown which contains the initial login credentials for the administrator. If you have already activated your Node.js license then the email associated with the same license becomes your login email and default password is “admin”. You can change this default password after you log into the calculator.

At the time of writing this, there can be only single administrator.

Admin Interface

The administrator needs to login to the calculator to add new users, remove existing users and reset passwords.

On the top-right corner of the webpage, there is a user icon with red circle.  Clicking on the it, displays the menus: Manage Account and Logout.

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Clicking on the Manage Account, opens up a pop-up dialog from where administrator can add new user.

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To add new users, only user name or email and password are needed.

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The administrator can remove any users. To remove the user, click on the block icon with red circle. Once the user is removed, he/she can not login into the calculator any longer.

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In case, users forget their password, they have to request the administrator and the administrator can set new password from the same pop-up dialog.

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The registered users can now login to your calculator using their user name and password. After logging in, user can access the actual calculator. They can logout from the user icon shown in the same top-right position of the calculator.

Inline image 8


Please note that the administrator has to manually send the login credential to respective users via email or Instant messaging apps. Also when the administrator resets user’s password, the administrator has to manually send the new password to the user.