Embed a Live Spreadsheet in WordPress

When you convert an Excel spreadsheet to web format and upload it to WordPress you can embed it in one or more web pages and it will work like in Excel.

Before you embed a spreadsheet in WordPress you convert it to web format with SpreadsheetConverter. Then you upload the ZIP file you get as a result of the conversion.

Now it’s time to insert the calculator into any page or post where you want it to appear. Open this page in the WordPress editor, place the cursor at the right spot and click Embed SpreadsheetConverter Calculator. In the list called Calculator Link, scroll to and select the calculator you want to embed. If necessary, modify the size of the calculator frame in the fields IFRAME Height and IFRAME Width. Click Insert Calculator.

If you don’t see the calculator, only an <iframe> tag, click on the Visual tab for a preview of the page.

If the frame is too small, parts of the calculator aren’t visible. In this case, switch to the Text tab. Locate the <iframe> tag that represents the calculator. Adjust the height and width parameters until it looks good. Don’t be afraid of leaving a considerable margin around your calculator.

Moving or removing the calculator

If you want the calculator to appear somewhere else, e.g. at the bottom of the page, switch to the Text tab. Select the entire <iframe> tag and move it to a different location using cut-and-paste.

In case you want to remove a calculator that you previously embedded in “page A”, because you have moved it to “page B”, you can just delete the old iframe. Edit “page A”. Switch to the Text tab. Select the entire <iframe> tag and delete it.

If you were editing a page and the web form no longer appears, you may have deleted the <iframe> tag by mistake. Just embed the web form again using the instructions above.

Using the same form or calculator in two or more pages

If you want to use an uploaded calculator on more than one page, just click on the Embed SpreadsheetConverter Calculator once for every page where you want it to appear, or copy the entire <iframe> tag and paste it into the other pages.

Note that by default, each time you embed a form or calculator it will be a unique, independent copy of it. As an example, you may want to add an order form to any page in your website. Any changes you make to the order form on “page A” will not be visible on “page B”, because the two forms are independent. If you want to connect them to show the same order form on two or more pages you may want to read more about the Real-time Sync feature in the “sign-up form” tutorial.

Using forms and calculators in multi-column layouts

When you create a web form it always appears left-adjusted. If you want to right-adjust it and place text to the left of the form, you need to create a two-column layout for your page. Search the web for wordpress tutorial two columns to get help on how you create a two-column layout first, then move the <iframe> to the correct location in your two-column design.