Theme Designer allow you to set a number of visual attributes for your web calculator and save them as themes that can be applied to one or more spreadsheets. After you’ve created a theme, you must download it to SpreadsheetConverter and select it for your spreadsheets.

This Help page shows you how to import a modified theme to Excel and use it when converting your spreadsheets for the web. Before you continue, you may want to read the description on how to create a theme with Theme Designer.

Download the theme

Click on the Download button in Theme Designer to download the theme you have just created. The file is in CSS format (Cascading Style Sheet) and the file name always ends with -ssc-min.css.



Apply the theme to a spreadsheet

Click on Apply Theme in the Theme section of the Workbook tab to set a theme for the current spreadsheet.

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Click on Browse file (see below) and select the CSS file you just downloaded from Theme Designer. Enter a friendly name that helps you remember the theme, without spaces please.

You can also select one of the already downloaded themes in the list.

Press Apply Theme.


Generate a new webpage with the theme applied

Select the flavor you want and convert the spreadsheet. When you open the web page in a web browser it has the visual appearance defined by the theme.

Tips and tricks

Updating a theme

Theme Designer retains its most recently used settings. If you want to iteratively tailor a theme further you can just continue where you left off and download the theme file again and again until you are satisfied with the results.

However, each friendly name can only be used once. The current import process does not replace an existing theme with the same name. Instead, it will append “1”, “2” etc to the friendly name for the new theme, without a warning message. So if you import the same theme four times using the same friendly name, say corporate, they will in fact be stored and referenced as

  • corporate (oldest)
  • corporate1
  • corporate2
  • corporate3 (newest)

To avoid this, you may want to manually delete all previous versions of corporate in the %appdata% > Local > ssc > customfiles folder before you import a new theme with the same name.

Renaming, deleting or replacing themes

The theme’s stylesheet is physically packaged together with each calculator when you convert it to web format with SpreadsheetConverter. Each web calculator will only use the stylesheet it was packaged with during conversion. Renaming or deleting themes in SpreadsheetConverter has no effect on previously converted calculators. Also, replacing a theme with new settings will not affect existing calculators that use the theme until you convert them again.

Removing a theme from a calculator

To remove any previously applied theme from a calculator, select default-ssc-theme.css in the list. This gives your webpage the same neutral design as it had before any theme was applied.