While the program is being downloaded, you may want to shut down Excel in preparation for the installation. After the installation, SpreadsheetConverter will appear in the Excel menu.

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When the download starts

After you’ve clicked on one of the download links, your browser will usually ask you what you want to do with the file. We suggest you select the option that is called “Open”, “Run” or similar. This will save the program file in a temporary location, then start the installation automatically.

If the browser only provides a Save option, or if you want to keep the installation file after the program has been installed, select Save and point the browser to a suitable folder on your hard disk. You will need the program file later, so make a note of where you saved it!

Having download problems?

After the download

When the download is complete, installation will start automatically if you select Open or Run in the previous step. If you saved the file on your hard disk, start the Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you saved the file, then double-click on the program file to start the installation. The installation will prompt you to stop Excel if it is running.

If you get warning message from your Internet security program during installation, please follow the link below for instructions.

Having installation problems?

After the installation

SpreadsheetConverter is an add-on to Microsoft Excel, so you cannot start it from the Windows Start menu. Start Excel instead, and check out the new SpreadsheetConverter menu in Excel.

Having startup problems?

If you encounter any problems during the download, installation or use of SpreadsheetConverter, don’t hesitate to contact our Help Desk and they will do their best to get you started.